The unique advantages of our KidsCare daycares

Our uniqueness in a few words

Our KidsCare network is unique in its family-centered approach:
We offer a variety of inclusive services dedicated to our families and high-quality guidance to make our childcare centers the best relay for everyday life. Flexibility, trust and communication are at the heart of our approach.


Our All Inclusive offer

At KidsCare, we're constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of families. With our "All Inclusive" offer, we make your daily life easier.

We take care of the essentials for your child's well-being: diapers and powdered milk. We have carefully selected organic brands, guaranteeing exceptional quality and optimum safety. 

You won't have to worry about frequent replenishments of basic products. So you can concentrate fully on your child's development and growth, knowing that all their basic needs are taken care of by our team of professionals.

In our KidsCare daycare centers, we integrate ourselves as closely as possible into the daily lives of families, while providing an exceptional learning environment for children.

For older children, we already offer a wide range of workshops and excursions outside the daycare. For several years now, we have been forging partnerships with local libraries, nursing homes and museums, and we regularly visit them with the children. 
We also accompany them in their artistic development with musical and theatrical interventions in English.

From the provision of essentials to outdoor activities and exciting pre-school excursions, we're committed to supporting the harmonious growth of every child while offering you complete peace of mind.


Bilingual daycares

In our centers, early language learning is at the heart of our educational approach, encouraging spontaneous acquisition through simple exposure to a language. The advantages of bilingualism are well recognized: intellectual flexibility and enrichment of thought and skills.

The pre-school and daycare periods are particularly conducive to language learning, because of children's cerebral plasticity. Before the age of six, the child's brain is ideally prepared for learning and exploration, with all the senses on alert: developed hearing, an aptitude for imitation, a burning desire for communication and mutual understanding.

Bilingualism is integrated into the child's development in a flexible way, without specific learning objectives or expectations of precise results. This allows children to acquire knowledge in a playful way, respecting their own pace of development, and making them the main players in their own learning process.

This openness to both languages encourages curiosity, respect, tolerance, knowledge of oneself and others, and self-esteem thanks to the ability to make oneself understood.


Kidizz app for families

We know how important it is for you to be kept up to date with your child's day-to-day life. That's why we use Kidizz, an app specially designed for our daycares.

Here's an overview of Kidizz's features:

  • Daily information: instant access to essential data on your child's day, such as meal times, nap times and much more.
  • Photos of activities: Ever dreamed of being a fly on the wall to observe life in the nursery? We'll give you a visual record of the exciting activities your child takes part in every day.
  • Booking extra days: You can book extra days in the daycare directly in the application, as well as indicating your absences. This applies regardless of the contract you have chosen.
  • Weekly menus: You can consult our weekly menus on Kidizz. No more wondering what your child eats during their stay at the daycare.

At KidsCare, we understand that every family has unique childcare needs. That's why we've made these processes as simple as possible, while giving you a new window into your child's life.

Register with us today and discover our world!


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